Or You Win Or You Die

83/100 pictures of Hugh Laurie

And that, friends, is why you should love Ellen DeGeneres unconditionally (okay, yes, one of the reasons why, don’t go nitpicking). That is all we can say without making unintelligible noises of happiness. 


BAMF SHERLOCK appreciation post. You little mutferf*cker.

We love you whatever the crazy shit you do. 

Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch @ Backstage at the PGA Awards 2014 1/19

best day of his life


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incredible Stan Lee! This man is an absolute genius :) without him most of my favorite fictional characters wouldn’t exist. And I made this collage with Tom bc they’re utterly adorable ehehe

Thank you Stan Lee


happy 91st birthday, Stan!


The war Doctor was 1000% done with ten and eleven 2 minutes after meeting them.